Pricing Calculator
You can use this page to calculate the initial and recurring charges to install Tastevin at your venue.


To calculate the proper charges, we need to know where installation and training will take place. Please contact us for custom pricing if your location is not listed.

Management Charges

The Onboarding Charge covers the initial setup of Tastevin at your venue, including training, initial list entry, POS setup, and label scanning.
The List Management charge allows you to phone, email, or fax changes to your list at any time.
You need one client license for each iPad that will be in service at your location.

Purchase iPads

We can facilitate the purchase of iPads at a discounted price (currently 4% discount for iPad Retina, 4% for iPad Mini, or 4% for iPad Air).
We also are able to source refurbished iPads at a substantial discount. Please call for prices.

Your Pricing